“The battles are often won within the mind”

(I’m not sure where I got the quote above from, but it’s something I keep in mind whenever life gets difficult.)

Hi, I’m Julian! I’m a writer, a marketer, a father, a poet, and (currently) an international student and student leader in Canada.

Some factoids:

  • I have 13+ years experience in strategic marketing
  • I have two kids named Winter and Autumn (coz our surname is “Sison”)
  • My wife’s name is Aset – which makes me the liability
  • I’ve been dodging impostor syndrome my whole adult life
  • I’ve written copy for brands all over the globe
  • I’ve led marketing campaigns in the Philippines to some small success
  • I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and have been dealing with it since 2012
  • I hate that I started all these points with “I”